Considered as one of the greatest revelations of the Heavy Power Metal of the world nowadays, the swedish Sabaton answered us an interview. We talked about the band's career, the newly released album "Heroes" beyond the long-awaited tour along Brazil. Check it out!

(Questions by Ismael Guidson)
(translation by Hugo Veikon - Léo Quipapá)

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Arena Metal - We know that Sabaton has a great name along the world for the compositions which has historical letters, about stories related to war or military stories. How the idea grew up to write about this theme? We can say, all right, it was a brilliant idea. There was some influence from other band?

Sabaton (Thobbe):  It started with the song Primo Victoria. Joakim had just written this bombastic song that needed some really cool and mighty lyrics, so we sat down and came to think of a great theme. D-day was such an event, and from there on we went into the war history with our music you could say.

Arena Metal - The first work produced at studio was the promo CD for Fist for Fight, which nowadays is a compilation of the band. This work helped greatly in the recognition of the band in Sweden, it gave to the Sabaton an opportunity to make shows in different places? This stuff was well accepted in the country for media and public?

Sabaton (Thobbe): Metal heads really liked it, but unfortunately it didn´t get the media attention we hoped.

Arena Metal - One thing, that caught my attention, was the group took six years to release the first album "Primo Victoria". What caused this delay? ‘cos there was a lot of people waiting for this release.

Sabaton (Thobbe):We did a lot of stuff before that, as a matter of fact Metalizer and Fist for fight were there before... and we were working hard to get a great album going, so knowing that it took six years, now in the rear view mirror, it actually wasn´t that long since it´s tough in the music business.

Arena Metal - You may notice that the Sabaton has always kept a solid cast, without many changes in the line-up. And in recent years joined to the band two guitarists and more recently a drummer. What had to this "radical" change to replace the three members?

Sabaton (Thobbe):We wanted different things in life. The old members had family and such, and we were not sharing the same ambitions as far as the bands future concerned. Nothing bad about the old guys, but everybody is happier this way, and they now have their own band while Sabaton are touring our asses off, which we love.

Arena Metal - And the new album, "Heroes" is marked by the first release recorded by the new members. We have only good words to say something about it, because it is a great record, all the arts and songs also. Well, how was the recording process to this album? Is it even  totally conceptual about histories of Second World War. How long it took to compose?

Sabaton (Thobbe): Joakim had been composing for the album under a long period of us being on the road. So he had very much material to choose from and build great songs. It eventually came to the point that he dismissed so many good ideas that many of us were like "What????? This was pure magic man!! Why not use it?", but he always said it was not good enough.

So that´s why the album feels so darn solid today!! The album was recorded pretty quick as everybody in the band has a very professional approach to recording and have been working a lot in studios, so that was pretty efficient. The guitars were done for four days I believe. As a matter of fact Joakim actually worked together writing with me for two songs, and that has rarely, if ever, happened together with a band member.

Arena Metal - About the tour, this is the first time that Sabaton will tour in various cities in Brazil, including the Brazilian Northeast is a region that each year is becoming a route to big bands in the metal and Sabaton is already part of all this. How is it happening? Do you have idea how will be the relationship with the Brazilian fans?

Sabaton (Thobbe): We really love to come to Brazil. We have heard so much about you and your country, and the passion for music you guys have! It will be a great time I am sure!!

Arena Metal - One question that all of us wanna know: "Smoking Snakes" will play in concerts in Brazil?

Sabaton (Thobbe): We´ll see ;-) Yes, of course!!!!

Arena Metal - Besides the story of three Brazilian soldiers who fought in World War II. What do you know about Brazil? And also if is there any band you listen to and could say something about?

Sabaton (Thobbe): We know that Brazil is a huge beautiful country with passionate people that love music and especially metal! One great band that comes to mind must be Sepultura, which debut album I remember was like a smash in the face when it hit the shelves back in the early nineties.

Arena Metal - Finally, I would like to say thanks and leave this place open to you speak some future plans of the band. And you could also send a message to the fans who are waiting for the shows in Brazil.

Sabaton (Thobbe): We are waiting eagerly to come to Brazil and have a wonderful time there! We´ve heard so much about you and what a crazy crowd you have for metal music, so we can´t wait to see you!!! To all our fans: See you soon!!! Take care!


(Questions by Ismael Guidson)
(translation by Hugo Veikon - Léo Quipapá)

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