(Interview by Renato Tiengo - Tranlation by Hugo Veikon and Léo Quipapá)


Arena Metal PE - We have seen some projects take life and become a band later. Can "Mike LePond's Silent Assassins" take this way?
MLP – Yes, this is very possible. I had such a great time recording the album with these amazing musicians that I would love to make this a side band that would record and tour when Symphony X is off the road.

Arena Metal PE - What do the lyrics talk about on this project?
MLP - I love history, mythology and literature. These epic tales work perfectly with Heavy Metal music. Each song has it's own little story to tell. King Arthur, Atilla the Hun, Edgar Allen Poe as well as many other great adventures here.

Arena Metal PE - Who were the people that created the process, composition and production? And who was the musicians that work in these actions?
MLP - I wrote all the music, lyrics and produced it. Alan Tecchio (Watchtower) was on vocals, Metal Mike (Halford) was on guitar and my band mate Michael Romeo programmed the drums, played keyboards and played some lead guitar.

Arena Metal PE - How did you choose the musicians?
MLP - I wanted musicians that lived near me here in New Jersey, USA. I wanted to sit in the studio with them. It makes it more personal. With this in mind I found the best talent in my area. All these guys have been my friends for years.

Arena Metal PE – What were the positives and negative points in “Silent Assassins”? About the negatives points, what do you think to change?
MLP - This was the first time I had to be in charge of a project from the beginning to the end, so I made some mistakes along the way.  My biggest mistake was e-mailing the songs to other people to learn. This way never gave me the results I was looking for.

Arena Metal PE - Does the Symphony X opened a lot of opportunities to spread this project? How about the fans, are the same?
MLP - The fact that I am the bass player for Symphony X helped so much because it immediately made people want to listen.  At first I was a little afraid of what the Symphony X fans might think because it was a different style, but they all really enjoyed it.

Arena Metal PE - What do you see about the difference between Mike LePond's Silent Assassins and Symphony X?
MLP - Symphony X is more of a progressive metal band and the sound is much more technical. Mike LePond's Silent Assassins is a straight ahead traditional metal band but many of the songs are orchestrated like Symphony X.

Arena Metal PE - About the songs, what of them had the best feedback?
MLP -  The songs that have gotten the most positive feedback are track #1 (Apocalypse Rider), Track #3 (The Quest), Track #4 (The Outsider) and Track #9 (Oath of Honor). These songs are very diverse and attract different listeners.

Arena Metal PE - Do you know any Brazilian metal bands? could you say some names that enjoy you? 
MLP – Yes, there are a few Brazilian bands that I like besides Angra and Sepultura. I like Mr Ego, Age of Artemis and Triddana. These are amazing bands. I hope they become well known in the metal world.


by Renato Tiengo - Translation Hugo Veikon and Léo Quipapá

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