The Deicide already shown, in a career over 20 years, that Death Metal is his power. Like almost every band, they have exchanged formationsometimes, but two members (Glen Benton and Steve Asheim) are in the band since 1989 and take the front of the band to this day. In an exclusive chatfor the Arena Metal PE, drummer Steve Asheim talked a bit since the beginning of the band to the present day.

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Arena Metal - You were of a time when the genre Death Metal was starting. What are your memories of that time? How was the scene?
Steve Asheim -
It was a small scene but it was just starting. Like any new scene it blew up pretty fast, and dided down pretty fast too. By ’95 the hype was over. It resurges now and again every few years, but nothing like the original impact compared to now. But it’s still pretty good now too though.

Arena Metal - The exchange between the bands when you started was higher than today, despite the difficulties of communication, since there were so many electronic media to communicate. What were your main contacts at that time? Were there bands or people with whom you have carried more contact?

Steve Asheim -
Back then everyone wrote actual letters and mailed them with demos or imports or pictures or fanzines or whatever. Now its all electronic, which is cool too I guess. Gotta roll with the times.

Arena Metal - One of the most talked topics when you started the career were your themes. While there are other bands covering the same topics, you called much more attention. With maturity you have today, would you change anything of this time of formation of the band? Can you justify your point of view?

Steve Asheim -
Looking back on our stuff, I mean it is what it is. can I justify it, absolutely. I can sit here and write a log about it but I'd rather not. I'll just say, we started young and kept it going all these years. We wrote some songs, got some fans, toured the world , did a bunch of albums, all while lashing out at the man and having a blast. We made a living, hell we even created jobs for people. We contributed to the world economy and we did it our way.

Arena Metal - I've seen this question years ago in another interview, but I'll redo it another way: How the work of Scott Burns helped you along the career? His production was very similar in other works, but with you it was very characteristic. You opined that much or was he himself who regulated the sound of Deicide?

Steve Asheim - Scott did the best he could with us but we were not the easiest bunch to work with back then. I think his best sounding work with us was “Once Upon The Cross”. The rest, he did the best he could with what he had to work with. Super cool guy too, by the way.

Arena Metal - The band has always been very good in terms of guitarrists, each in his time, of course, but a while back here just Jack Owen remains the longest in the post. Somehow, this instability affect the band?
Steve Asheim -
Bands are living thing and you cant control people, you can just do what you can to keep it going. Jack'o is a pretty stable guy and he’s brought that to the band. Ralph was talented but he’s a loose canon and after a while enough is enough. We’ve got Kevein Querion in the band now who is also a stable personality, so the band should be good to go for a few more years now, and a lot smoother too.

Arena Metal - Currently Steve Asheim and Kevin Quirion have parallel bands. How was reconciled to time that all the training participated in other bands?
Steve Asheim -
No Deicide takes precedence over other projects. But he’s a very productive person so has plenty of time and material for his other bands and projects. And our schedule in deicide allows plenty of time for that.

Arena Metal - The experience of Glen Benton at Vital Remains brought, besides Dave Suzuki overwhelming participation as a guitarist, a special additive for Deicide?

Steve Asheim - Yes, Dave is an amazing guitarist. His time with us didn’t last long but it was fun while it lasted. Just 3 weeks, enough time to finish a doomed tour. We made a DVD of it. If not for that I might have forgotten all about Dave being with us for that short period.

Arena Metal - How are the band's plans for new releases, because your last work, To Hell with God, is 2011?

Steve Asheim -
We’re working on stuff now. All the rythms are recorded, just waiting to finish lyrics and vocals and leads, then mix. Hope to have it out this by end of the year.

Arena Metal - One of the questions most "controversial" today refers to the use of new media’s technology. What are your opinion on these points? Do you like MP3, virtual cd, videos on youtube ...?

Steve Asheim -
Like I said you’ve gotta roll with time. You don’t really have a choice so get on board or get left behind. I myself don’t dabble in it too heavily, I let producers and engineers worry about it. I still buy CDs.

Arena Metal - One of the most intriguing activities about Deicide’s start was on the aversion of Glen Benton on airline travel. That has changed nowadays or it remains the same?

Steve Asheim -
Ha! No he still hates it. I have no love for it either but man he used to knock down old ladies trying to get to the door after a flight. I saw him climbing over seats to get out one time. Hilarious!

Arena Metal - The media publicized unprepared several stories about the band, their attitudes and their members. To what extent exaggerated stories as Glen spend the night in front of a mortuary or famous promise to his suicide at age 33 helped the image of the band?
Steve Asheim -
Well all that stuff is true. And everyone knows people in bands can get away with just about anything. And antics and stories and can help or hurt a band. We’ve had plenty of both. But you cant control everything. So you do what you can and hope for the best.

Arena Metal - Usually the band have produced albuns with a short time. Are there any reasons to do them by this way?
Steve Asheim -
A thing like brutal death metal, we put out at one time what we think is enough to satisfy everyone without burning out the experience. That stuff can get repetative pretty fast if you let it. You’ve got to keep it moving and flowing and try not to get hung up on something or repeat yourself too much. I think 30-35 minutes is plenty of time for that.

Arena Metal - In financial terms. The band members still need some parallel work outside the band?
Steve Asheim -
Some do, some don’t. Depends on individual circumstance.

Arena Metal - What all of you hear are there some influence in the music of Deicide? And what are you currently listening to?
Steve Asheim -
I've been playing leads lately so I'm listenig to a lot of that kind of stuff. Plus a lot of DIO, and SABBATH, and MAIDEN, and SLAYER. But I listen to whatever, you know.

Arena Metal - The album 'To Hell with God' has been the perfect album. But in your opinion What was the best Deicide's album?
Steve Asheim -
Well thank you for that nice complment. Yeah it was a pretty good one. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite. I always like our newest one because it’s new.

Arena Metal - Thanks a lot about the interview. You can use this time to send a message to your great fans in Brazil
Steve Asheim -
Thank you to everyone down in Brazil for your support over the years. We hope to see you again as soon as possible.

(Interview by Hugo Veikon - Léo Quipapá)
(translation by Hugo Veikon - Léo Quipapá and Ana Carolina)


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