Cadaver Mutilator is a Brutal Death Metal band from Italy, the band has a great potential. You will enjoy them.

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Arena Metal – At first, thanks for your time spent for us. I know that Cadaver Mutilator has changed the musicians, but I also know the currently lineup has been stabilized. Do you think that this lineup gets the real Cadaver Mutilator’s feeling?
Cadaver Mutilator – Thank you! We had many changes (specially the guitars) but we hope to spend a good period of stability with this line-up. The newcomer Salvatore comes from a style death/thrash and this can direct us on the right way.

Arena Metal – I have heard the album ‘Murder Death Kill’ and you get compose a great work. This question goes just to Lorenzo Reina. Man, which is your influences to play drums as a locomotive?

Lorenzo - ... I think I started to speed up my drumming after I listened to the album "Annihilation Of The Wicked" by Nile. I was really impressed by the drumming of George Kollias and soon after I started get confortable with death metal stuff (discovering so even my 3 other important influences: Sean Reinert, Gene Hoglan and Richard Christy and playing in a tribute to 'Death' band). Nowadays my best influences are: Derek Roddy, John Longstreth, Trey Williams, Marco Pitruzzella, Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann and many others...

Arena Metal – ‘Murder Death Kill’ is a great album and I believe that the band has done some tour in Europe, right? And for this land (Brazil or South America)? Do we can wait something?
C.M. – Yes. We played in a single show in Switzerland (with 'Defeated Sanity' and 'Carnal Decay') and then, in September 2013, we made a tour in Europe with Exhumer. Originally this tour included 2 dates in Italy, 1 in Austria, 2 in Germany, 1 in France and the last one in Belgium... Unfortunately the dates in Germany and France have been canceled while we were traveling (leaving us with only 4 dates). Anyway it was an amazing experience, we acted like idiots during all the journey (kkkkkkkk). We will return in August with a tour in Eastern Europe. Many dates have already been confirmed. You can check them out on our social network. A tour in South America will be epic. We are always available and open to proposals... who knows? Hopefully in the future!

Arena Metal – Although ‘Murder Death Kill’ has been released in 2013, I know that some songs were recorded years before. What is the reason for delay?
C.M. - We recorded "Mouth Chrasher" in 2010 as a single, a sort of preview of what would be our next release. The whole album was recorded in summer 2012 and we waited to sign for a label before publishing it.

Arena Metal – Who is the murderer and the girl? rsrsrsrs (lol)
C.M. - The murderer is Paride's cousin (he's a massive american football player xD), and the girl is Emma, one of our old friend.

Arena Metal – In this year, 2014, I had the pleasure of seeing the new video - Swallowed by Morgellons (with almost 7.000 views) - and it is very fucking good. What this song talk about?
C.M. - Thanks! We invested a lot in this last video to make it as professional as possible. The song talks about the sufferings of a man affected by Morgellons Syndrome (in the video we replaced the subject with a young girl and we also explored the possible causes of the syndrome, like chem trails or mental illness).

Arena Metal – The lyrics is a part very important and you have a sickly lyric. What are the inspirations?
C.M. - The inspiration for the lyrics comes from our everyday reality, mostly including facts related to organized crime, murders, corruption and so on. We also usually write anything that attracts our attention like science fiction and conspiracy theories (all with a healthy dose of good old splatter and gore!).

Arena Metal – We are from Brazil and  we would like to know if do you know any Brazilian band?
C.M. - Our favorite bands from your country are: Sepultura, Sarcófago, Mental Horror and Krisium \m/

Arena Metal – And concerning Italian scene. What do you can suggest for us?
C.M. - We recommend ‘Hour Of Penance’, ‘Antropofagus’, ‘Putridity’, ‘Hideous Divinity’, ‘Natron’, ‘Vulvectomy’, ‘Tsubo’, ‘Natrium’, ‘Exhumer’, ‘Dr. Gore’, ‘Logic Denial’, ‘Unbirth’, ‘Buffalo Grillz’... there are many other great and talented bands over here and the scene is growing more and more.

Arena Metal – Thanks for your time, do you have something to add for our readers?
C.M.  - Thank you!
Of course: stay tuned for new brutal stuff and hope to visit your beautiful country one day! Cheers! \m/

(Questions by Hugo Veikon)
(translation by Hugo Veikon - Léo Quipapá)


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