In partnership the ARTILLERY’S press, from Brazil, we have been proud to interview one of the most important thrash metal bands around the world – ARTILLERY. Our friend, Diego Santos was the guy chosen to ask some questions to Michael Stûtzer, that explain a little bit about the current days and others moments along the career of the band.

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Arena Metal - Firstly we would like to ask you about the new album, with a new line up, and how this fact influenced the new songs?

Michael Stûtzer - With the new guys, Josua and Michael, we really found the perfect team with Josh amazing drums and Michael’s big vocal range. This really made it easy to write the new songs and with all 5 guys in the band being fully dedicated to the Artillery sound. Basically we did the same formula:Morten and I came up with the riffs, Michael with the lyrics and the whole band did the arrangements!

Arena Metal - What were the reasons to change the members, as the original member Carsten Nielsen? How was the process to choose the new members?

Michael Stûtzer - Both Søren and Carsten decided to leave already after “My Blood” album to change their musical taste to for Carsten Punk and for Søren more oriented Heavy / Hard rock. We are still the best of friends!

Arena Metal - The latest albuns have riffs with traditional Heavy Metal and melodic felling, also elements of oriental songs. How do you analyze these changes? Was it something natural or intentional?

Michael Stûtzer - I think we always have had those inspirations especially after “By Inheritance” so we did not really tried to change anything but obvious the vocals are a bit more melodic this time and that’s why some people think it has more traditional metal in it than before! We never try to make songs in a special style but work with what we think is the best!

Arena Metal - During the Artillery's history there was some gaps, concerning releases of full length. What were the reasons to happen it? And what are your plans for the future?

Michael Stûtzer - We had a lot of trouble getting the band out to tour because our old singer did not wanted to tour so that’s why we had those long gaps and if you see our concert guide there is happening a lot more!. Our future plans include an European tour in July, Canada, USA & Mexico tour in October / November, some festivals like Metaldays, Fall of Summer and we our working on getting back to Brazil in Jan 2015. Also start working on new songs!

Arena Metal - I saw in an interview that the name of the new album, “Legions", was choose as tribute to the Artillery's fans. Tell us a little bit about this and the what the themes discussed in the lyrics.

Michael Stûtzer - With Legions we really wanted to say thanks to our die hard supporters who have followed the band through all those years so that’s why we called it Legions (The legions of melodic thrashers). Some of the themes are:

Dies Irae:

Don’t let the Latin spook you. This song is about everything Artillery is. In the past, Artillery released “Fear of Tomorrow”, and therefore, since the band continued playing hard fast and angry metal, the day of wrath seemed like a fitting title. The song bears references to old songs and titles and somehow takes in regard all that has been and some of the things that might come.

Anno Requiem:

This one is loosely linked to “Dies Irae”, but where that song refers to the past primarily, this one dictates things to come. All that you know is still here, no less the themes of death and this is the date of death. And from death a new dawn shall arise.

Wardrum Heartbeat:

A song about being driven and some of the complex pleasures of metal music. What must seem destructive is in reality very positive and rewarding. It goes out to all of those who know that special feeling in their chest, every time a great metal track is put on.

Enslaved to the Nether:

Sometimes we feel, perhaps, neither bound. Thoughts of darkness and emotions that seem like nothing we know of might suddenly get into your mind. This is described as being like a nightmare, where you find yourself dead, but still alive to comprehend it all.

Global Flatline:

The environmental song of the album. Perhaps a bit apocalyptic, but these days, our world is no longer predicta

Arena Metal - In 2015, the classic album "Fear of Tomorrow" will be 30 years. Are you thinking to do a special tour or record a new DVD?

Michael Stûtzer - Yes something will definitely happened. But we don’t know yet!

Arena Metal - Some songs from the "Fear of Tomorrow" were recorded and released as bonus track. Have you ever thought record it for a releasing, maybe alive?

Michael Stûtzer - Yes that something we would think about!

Arena Metal - Artillery did a tour along South American and there were some dates in Brazil, included here, Recife/PE, but the fans had a bad surprise because the dates were canceled. There were some rumors, but what was the real history? Can we wait new dates?

Michael Stûtzer - We really don´t know what was happened we was told there was some problems between the organizers, but I know we have plan to return to Recife in Jan 2015!

Arena Metal - How you feel the current metal scene in the world, specifically for the thrash metal? Would you say some names of your preference?

Michael Stûtzer - I think there is a lot of things happened in the Thrash scenes with a lot of old bands like Overkill, Onslaught etc doing good albums and also a lot of good newcomers like Tantara, Hells Domain, Impalers Bathory and Essence keeping the thrash alive! And of course Exodus are still around!

Arena Metal - In the name of the site, Arena Metal, I would like to thank for your time and attention and I’d ask: What do you know about the Brazilian scene?  . Here is a place for you to say your final considerations.

Michael Stûtzer - I know Torture Squad, Nervosa, Vulcano, Angra, Sepultura among others!

A big thanks to some of the best supporters in the world, the Brazillian headbangers! Thanks to Arena Metal for the support! Brazil we will be back!

(Questions by Diego Santos)
(translation by Hugo Veikon - Léo Quipapá)


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